Training program for professional maternal assistants

In 2009, Agapedia was authorized by National Authority for Qualifications as professional training provider for professional maternal assistants training course. Course is 50 hours and is organized/held by a team of social assistant, psychologist, medical assistant.

Training programs, authorized by National Authority for Qualifications

Since 2012, Agapedia  Foundation is organizing qualification courses for adults for:

  • baby-sitter
  • elderly home care
  • sanitary mediator

Between the years 2014 – 2018, our foundation carried out the following programs authorized by National Authority for Qualifications:

  1. Professional training courses for adults in trades: commercial worker, food worker, room maid.
  2. The Entrepreneurial competences program, in which the participants benefited from:
  • understanding the notion of entrepreneurship: competences, abilities/skills, knowledge necessary for developing an entrepreneurial activity, entrepreneurial thinking;
  • developing of a business plan;
  • development of abilities for identifying possible financing sources for implementing the business plan;
  • free of charge assistance for beginning your own business.

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