Between November 2016 – April 2017, at Agapedia Foundation Romania has worked the social service– „Counselling and Support Centre for Parents and Children“, with the purpose of providing support and assistance for parents and future parents to help them handle difficulties which affect family relations, the development of parental abilities and support children when development problems appear.

Target group for support and assistance through the Centre was:

  1. Parents, extended families and substitutive families:
    • Need competences and abilities to care for children, tailored for the new psycho – pedagogical principles in the field;
    • Live in disadvantaged environments;
    • Finds existing or emerging family problems which affect the proper development of the child.
  1. Future parents who want to form (educate) before the birth or the adoption of a child.
  2. Children with development problems and/ or integration difficulties in families, school or community.

Services provided through the Counselling and Support Centre for Parents and Children were:

  • informing and counselling,
  • family and child counselling,
  • group counselling,
  • emergency counselling,
  • children and adolescents counselling,
  • parental support and education,
  • support groups for parents.