The educational program for parents and children from the Agapedia Romania Foundation started in September 2017 from the idea that education begins in the family, and then continues in kindergarten and school. It aims to prevent school dropout, to prevent absenteeism, by major involvement of the family, respectively by changing the attitude of children and parents towards education.

At the foundation’s headquarters we organize parent meetings and workshops on different topics: preparing future parents, health education, self-management, the importance of education in the child’s life, the relationship within and outside the family, parental competences, leisure and socialization, integration / reintegration in the labor market, crafting products.

For children we organize activities aimed at developing new life skills. With the support of our volunteers, using interactive methods appropriate to the children ages, we initiated the homework program. As a result, the children have much better results in school. Also, we have fun and learn new things during our workshops on: cooking, painting  various ornaments, health education, science and technology.

As part of the educational program, we also carry out joint activities for parents and children, interpose with interactive games, to reduce the problems that families face daily.

Those interested can contact Agapedia Romania Foundation Wednesdays and Thursdays between 08:00 – 14:00, by phone/fax + 40-368-409.115, directly at our headquarter in Brasov or by e-mail at:

This educational program for children/youngsters and their parent has benefited since its beginning from the support of SCHAEFFLER Romania,  CVJM Steinheim, DUVENBECK and ETHICA Distribuţie.