National Participation Days represents an unique event dedicated to the promotion of the progresses and challenges different countries are facing within the EUSDR Action Plan implementation, through a large participation of the public administration and civil society in developing its future agenda.

National Participation Days (NPD, formerly national hearing) are annually held meetings of all interested stakeholders of the EUSDR active at the national level. The NPDs specifically addresses civil society organisations and their networks, local actors from municipality level, academia, public authorities on local and regional level as well as national institutions active in the EUSDR and EUSDR Priority Coordinators (PACs) based in the country, as well as the National Contact Point (NCP). The NPD is the national platform of the structured dialogue among public administration stakeholders and civil society representatives on the EUSDR implementation. The NPD is also open to interested stakeholders from abroad, such as representatives from PACs, academia, umbrella organisations (CoDCR, DCSF) and civil society.

The draft Agenda of the 2019 National Participation Days in Romania will be updated regularly on the website.

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For more information, please check the website of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration of Romania.